Better than Skylanders and Disney Infinity: Nintendo's Bid for Figure Based Gaming

At E3 this year, Nintendo had a lot to prove.  It has been getting killed this go round of the console wars.  So, they decided to do something the other two aren't.  They decided to go after the kids even harder.  Really, in terms of gaming for kids, Nintendo is always the only clear option.  Kinect made me try Xbox 360 for my kids, but what a lesson in frustration that turned out to be.  The Kinect bearly worked for adults, and for kids it was a complete nightmare.  Not to mention 98% of games on the 360 and PS3 were rated M.  So, we went back to the Wii.  Well, we haven't been able to jump into the current console gen (just too expensive when compared to games on ios or android).  I will admit, Nintendo is pushing hard to get my kids to notice them.  My kids adored Skylanders and kind of liked Disney Infinity (it stunk on the Wii - but my kids liked the idea).  So the idea that they could play one of their all time favorite games (Smash Bros) with some of there all time favorite characters is very cool.  The even better news is that Nintendo is planning on the kiddies being able to use these characters across other games as well.  Nice Job Nintendo.  Even if you have no other games for your system anymore, you'll always have your own brilliant franchises!