You Can Now Officially Visit Harry Potter's Diagon Alley in Person!

Universal Studios in Orlando is opening up the latest addition to their theme park on July 8th this Summer.  It will be the fantastic Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter Films!  Included are the wand shop, the Weasley's joke shop, and even Gringott's Bank.  Don't forget all of the Harry Potter attractions that were already available at Universal Studio's other theme park: Islands of Adventure (Not to mention, the Hulk Roller Coaster and incredible 3D Spider-Man ride).   Plus, you will now be able to ride the Hogwarts Express train between the two destinations.  Sounds like one heck of a great family vacation destination.  Haha.  No, this is not an ad, I just happen to have 8 Harry Potter freaks ( my wife and I included) living in my house that would die for such a vacation!