Wool Graphic Novel to Be Made Into A Ridley Scott Movie is On Sale Today!


Wow, I was excited to see this deal on Amazon's Kindle reader today.  Wool started as a critically acclaimed series of sci-fi novels.  Next, it was turned into a graaphic novel, then a best-selling comic (now a collectable because of how much press it is getting), and finally, Ridley Scott is attached to direct a film adaptation starting next year.  Today, Amazon sold the usually $7.99 graphic novel for just $2.00.  Thought you might be interested.  I have not read them yet, so I have no idea how appropriate or clean they are for the kiddos.  Beware!  But, I am a sucker for sci-fi, graphic novels, and movies, so I thought I would give it a shout out.  Here is the link to getting it on Amazon.