Crazy, Genius, Zany New Invention of the Day!

           Planets are pretty cool.  Did you know Jupiter is times the size of Earth?  Did you know that Uranus has rings going up and down instead of left and right?  But coolest of all, did you know you would actually weigh different weights on each planet? 

            The Heavy Planet Mobile specializes in teaching just one principle about the planets.  When you reach up and touch one of the planets, you instantly weigh as much as you would standing on the surface of that planet (with the exception of your arm – so you can touch another planet).  Touch something small like mercury and you could float around all day.  Touch something heavy and become a one man wrecking machine. 

Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters
Which planet would you most like to visit if you wouldn’t die when you went there?
Which planet most reminds you of your Mom?