Did Star Wars or Guardians of The Galaxy Have a Better Soundtrack?

Wow, the music really made both of these movies.  Guardians had some major funny moments because of the music that was playing in the background.  On the other hand, Star Wars actually has music written directly for the movie.  50 years from now, will we still be thinking of Guardians when we hear “Hooked On a Feeling?”  Will we ever even hear “Hooked on a Feeling” again in any Guardians or Marvel movie?  Star Wars wins based on its timeless classic music that will forever be tied to a galaxy far far away.  Plus it has been featured in 6 movies already.  I don’t think we will be able to say the same for the 70’s and 80’s songs from Guardians.  Plus, messing with John Williams is just blasphemy at this point. 
I also wonder if by the time we see Guardians two if the soundtrack will have more mainstream hits.  I know "Hooked On a Feeling" and "i Want You Back" from the Jackson 5 were huge, but the others were not.  I am betting with Guardians having been such a hit, the producers will be willing to spend a bit more on more popular 70 and 80's fare.  Whereas Star Wars as timeless as it is, may begin getting tired once we start seeing a new Star Wars Movie each year.  John Williams has been hired on to write new music for Episode VII, but can he do it? Can he create a new timeless classic?