I Have Always Loved The Wrong Part of Star Trek

                This week, I decided to dip my toes a little into a huge area of geekdom I have loved, but for probably all of the wrong reasons. That love of which I speak is the love of Star Trek. Now I can truly say I have a love for Star Trek. The reason it is for all of the wrong reasons is that I have never watched ANY of the TV shows. Seriously, I have never sat down and watched a full episode of any Star Trek tv show from any generation. So, where did my love of Star Trek come from? The movies of course! I have only missed seeing one of the Trek movies in the theatres (and for good reason). I happened to be living in Russia when Generations came out and so I have never seen that one. But, other than that I have seen them all and loved them!        
                So this week, I have decided as my main geek resolution for 2015, to watch all of the first season of the original Star Trek. I started watching last night on episode 3: Where No man Has Gone Before. It is the one where Kirk’s friend has silver eyes and killer ESP (literally). It also stars that lady (Sally Kellerman) who was big in the 80’s (I remember her as Rodney Dangerfield’s love interest in Back to School). It was fun to see her has a young 20 something!
                  SO far the show has been campy but very fun.  I was pleasantly surprised when my wife  leaned over and said that she always thought Leonard Nemoy was the better actor.  Ha!  I never thought of it, but she is totally right.  Nemoy rocks!   Some of the special effects are horrific, while others are actually insanely good for the time.  There was one shot that I swore must have been redone that showed the enterprise flying through an electro-magnetic  field in space.  It looked real!  Of course it was immediately followed by a shot of the enterprise looking like a children’s toy. 
                All in all, I have found some happiness in starting this journey to understand the TV side of the Trek fandom.  I certainly have understood the draw as I have loved the characters in the films, but now I am hoping to gain a deeper appreciation.  Good stuff.

On a side note, this looks to be the episode where the crazy space version of chess was first introduced.  Iconic!