My Latest Invention For Kids To Chat About at Bedtime: Swords That Bite

Sorry to say, but you have just stumbled upon the most dangerous swords in history.  All these swords have to do is touch you before they take their lethal toll on you.  They are the legendary Animal Bite Swords.

The wielder of these blades must wear special gloves so as not to accidentally touch the blades (The first three guys without gloves did not fare so well).  For, when these blades make contact with the skin of a living being, (plant animal or alien).  The swords leave the same bite as the animal represented by that sword.  So the Great White Shark Sword will leave a great white shark bite in whoever it touches.  And the Rattlesnake sword will leave only two tiny holes but will have injected the lethal toxic venom of the said snake. 

Fun Fact: In 1996, 43,000 Americans were injured by toilets.  13 were injured by sharks.    

Brilliant Little Bedtime Conversation Starters

What do you think is the scariest animal alive?

What do you think is the scariest animal that is extinct?