Here is the Newest (as of Today) Jurassic World Trailer - More Action, More Dinos, Less Brains

I am a Jurassic Park Fan to the end.  My family loves dinos and the JP movies (no matter how bad they are).  We will for sure see this one.  How could we not with Star Lord in it?  But, I have a sneaking feeling, it will not be the plot or the cool looking dinos that will save this movie after watching this preview.  If anything, it will be the cool new ways we see dinos do things we have not seen them do before that will save this movie.  Because the plot is the EXACT SAME as every JP movie.  Island. Dino Gets out. Run.  Sure, we have raptors teaming up with Star Lord here, and there is craziness in a park already opened to the public (Jaws 3's plot - for the record). But, by and large it is the same as every other JP movie, just with bigger stars and bigger budget, with cooler action.  Still brainless since the first film ended.  Does this Hollywood pattern sound familiar?  It should.  Fast and the Furious is following the same franchise pattern all the way to the bank.  Scary.  But, as I said before, our family will still see it because we like dinos, action, and Star Lord.