Netflix's Richie Rich TV Series Review for Families and Adults

Let's just start off with the bad news. unless you are a kid, you will HATE Netflix's new Richie Rich series. The special effects are pretty terrible, the jokes are horrible, the acting is disastrous, and the plot lines are robbed from the 70's. Now, that being said, if you are a kid, you will probably kind of like this show. It is pretty much on par with every family sit com Disney is putting out these days on its flagship channel. I know whenever I try to sit down and watch one of those shows with my kids, I think it is dreadful, and my kids love them. Richie Rich is not all bad (just like the Disney shows). There is plenty of fun to be had if you are a kid. Even adults will appreciate some of the fun inventions and crazy things money can buy. Plus, the episodes in general have good family values (Not a fan of the scantily dressed French maid super model robot in a kid's show). All in all, Netflix could have done worse. Richie Rich is still a good premise for a kids show even if the delivery is severely lacking.