Here is the review of the easy way to remove sex, violence, and profanity, from movies for your kids!

So, I am a movie fanatic.  Love, love, love the movies. As you can imagine, I have tried to share this passion for movies with my 6 children.  And as you can imagine from the pic above, showing movies to my children is not always possible due to the amount of sex, violence, and profanity in them.  Did you know the classic Back to the Future has 65 curse words in it? 65!!! Did you know Goonies has about 85? Wow.  Enter Vid Angel. I LOVE THIS SERVICE.

Vid Angel basically edits out all of the sex, violence and profanity, so your kids do not have to see it.  You can set up a general preference for the kinds of things you want edited out such as "No profanity," or "No nudity."  Or, you can go online for each movie and say the exact parts you want taken out such as "No nudity but allow the part were the man has his shirt off."

All in all, I would say this is one great service!  It is not perfect.  It does take a minute or two figure out exactly how it works since Hollywood doesn't approve of just outright editing their movies.  But once you have it set up, it works perfectly and super easy.  Currently,  my set up is that I just have a

Vid Angel channel set up on my Roku box (you can use just about any streaming media device like Roku, Chromecast, or Apple tv).  When I want to watch a movie, I just go to that channel on Roku, select which edited movie to watch, and it begins.  Simple.

Go check out the Vid Angel service here and never make your kids see sex,  violence,  or profanity on your TV again!