Our review of the amazing Tokaido expansion: Crossroads

We reviewed Tokaido previously and could not get enough of how fantastic that game was.  The art was astounding.  The gameplay was relaxing and yet strategic (still don’t know how they pulled that one off!).  It is just an all-around great game for people new to board gaming and for seasoned pros.
Now comes the Crossroads expansion to this already wonderful game.  To me this is like Empire Strikes Back.  When you first saw Star Wars, you may have thought, “How could they ever make this better?”  In fact, “they might even ruin Star Wars!”  Well, we were all convinced otherwise once we beheld what is now considered to be sci-fi and sequel perfection.  That is Crossroads in a nutshell.  You may wonder, how could they make Tokaido better?”  or, “They are going to overcomplicate an amazing game.”  I am happy to report that Tokaido Crossroads is the perfect expansion!

Crossroads basically makes it so that every time you land on something, you have two options now instead of one.  They just doubled the strategy!  Now when you land on a farm, you can collect 3 coins like you did before, or gamble!  Now when you land on a Temple, you can donate money, or get a single use special power! When you land on a Panorama, you can get a painting card, or get a cherry tree card. When you land on Hot Springs, you can get 2/3 points like before or pay a coin and get 4 points etc.  

The game also comes with new players, all with their own unique powers.  It should also be noted that as in the original Tokaido, the artwork is just top notch here.
In the end, Crossroads is really an amazing expansion that should not be missed.  If you are learning to play board games, start with the original.  But once you have a game or two under your belt, you will definitely want the expansion to make it even better!