This is one of the best family party games around!

North Star Games has figured out the party game magic.  Our family (with 6 kids) has just been amazed again and again when it comes to party games, this developer just continues to hit home run after home run.  Say Anything Family Edition is no different!

The way this game works is that the group is asked a question.  They all then write down their own answer with a mini- dry erase board and marker.   All players then turn their answers into the judge who will be tasked with picking the one they like the best.  The judge then secretly pics which one they like the best. After the judge is done picking in secret, the rest of the players all guess which one the judge chose.  They do this by placing markers on the two answers they think will win.  The judge then reveals which one they liked the best, and the other players score points based off the accuracy of their answers  to the questions and their accuracy in guessing which answer the judge would pick!
Say Anything Family Edition is such a fun game!  I love that every member of my family ages 7 to 14 to 40 to even my parents in their 60’s can play this game and have a blast doing it.  What other game helps you get to know people on this level?  People of all ages love to talk about themselves (in a good way) and they love for people to be surprised by what they find out about them.  This game accomplishes this in spades.

I think you can search the world high and low and you will not find a much more social, fun, and family friendly party game.  North Star Games is on a roll, and our family just can’t wait to keep seeing what they come up with next.  Great Game! Get is here on Amazon. For only $12.50 right now,  you'd be crazy not to!