Here Is The Best Edition of the First Harry Potter Book You Will Find!

One could not overstate the amazing nature of the Harry Potter phenomenon that has swept the world over.   

The Movies, the play, the new movies coming out, the theme parks, the toys, the board games, the videogames, the costumes, the clothing and on and on.  But we mustn’t forget what started it all.  Those incredible books!  Really.  I promise you that as wonderful as all of the other things mentioned above are, it all pales in comparison to the books themselves.  They are not to be missed.  And, the book that started it all was the Sorcerer’s Stone. 

This was the book that defined a generation of new readers.  Now, we can thank our lucky stars that there is a whole new way to experience that first book in the series both for fans and for first time readers.  HarperCollins Children’s Books has put out what I would call the ultimate edition of the book.  Why is it ultimate? 

Well first, is huge!  Seriously it is twice the physical size of a regular Harry potter book.  The reason for its large stature is that it is absolutely filled to the brim with illustrations from the story.  And these are no ordinary illustrations. 

The publisher could have just taken the easy route and had the artist (Award winning Jim Kay) recreate exact replicas of the actors and locations from the movies.  But instead, they have allowed Mr. Kay to show his brilliant hand at creating some of the most moving and spectacular pieces of Harry Potter Art I have seen to date.   They are truly spectacular. 

You will be immediately immersed in the beauty of these works of art and be pulled in like never before to the first story in the Harry Potter Saga.  They are just wonderful!

Really, if you are a fan, you should not even think twice about getting this edition of the Harry Potter series.  If you are parent introducing a child to the series for the first time, I can promise you, they will adore this volume.  Again, this IS the definitive volume in my opinion.  I simply cannot wait to see the second book in the series, the Chamber of Secrets!  Man these are soooooo good.   

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