Boba Protects Your Kids from the Things that Go Bump in The Night!

One of the all time most iconic characters from the Star Wars universe is the great Boba Fett. Just a few scenes from Empire strikes back and the character became a legend. Since that time he has been in several Star Wars movies and productions,  countless books and comics,  and endless toys. This time, however he is coming tonight world in a way different than we have ever seen before. Yes,  this time he is putting his threatening brand of charisma to good use as a guard for your bedroom.

Can you imagine the safe nights sleep you would get knowing that one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy is now guarding your room from the bad guys. To me,  the sun the perfect companion for kids that are afraid of the monsters in the dark. Explain to them that Boba Fett will now be standing guard and all fears will dissipate. How does he do that?  He speaks commanding lives from the films and is not afraid to lift his lighting up blaster to warn would be intruders.

It should be noted that this is one of the most beautiful sculpted busts of Boba we have seen. Seriously, a fan of the series or just the character would be happy to have this on their desk.   About 6 years ago,  my big brother brought me a similar guard that was Yoda.   As a big fan of Star Wars,  it has never left my office since!

All in all,  this is a great toy that can make your kids feel a degree of safety f4on things that go bump in the night. Plus,  it is just a dang cool looking piece of Star Wars memorabilia.   Any fan would be happy to get it.