I'll be showing this awesome video to my kids tonight in virtual reality!

If you haven't jumped into virtual reality with your kids yet, you are totally missing out!  Google has provided a way for the masses (like my massive family of 6 kids) to actually experience VR and I am a fan.  What geek wouldn't be.  The way Google has accomplished this, is called Cardboard.  It is pretty much the best viewfinder the world has ever known for about $10.  Seriously, don't expect much more than a viewfinder here.  The quality is by no means off the chart, but it is still pretty amazing.  This video above for example is shot in the middle of a reserve for gorillas.  Look around and it kind of feels like you are in a jungle with real gorillas.  When one walks up to you, you even feel at least a tinge of fear.  Pretty awesome stuff.  I think my kids will rally get a kick out of this one!