This absolutely brilliant and fun board game for the whole family just arrived at our house!

Ok.  So we already knew North Star is one of the absolute best party game makers in the world.  Look no further than Crappy Birthday, Say Anything or Wits and Wagers for pure party game genius.  So, the big question in going into the game Evolution was, can North Star make a strategy game?  The answer is a resounding YES!!!

Man, Evolution is a very cool game.  As a dad who adores science, it is always fun for me to find a way to explain a concept in a fun way to my kids.  But, before you start snoring, know that this game would be really amazing even if it didn’t teach anything.  The idea of taking a species from nothing to a dominant species is fresh and original in the board game world.  It just so happens that it turns out to be quite fun as well!

The gist of the game is that you will be working hard to get your little species of animals to become the biggest baddest animal on the block.  To accomplish this, you will have to develop evolutionary advantages such as a long neck etc.  You will also have to defend yourself from other animals (players) who are also struggling to survive and thrive.  Really, the theme and the gameplay are a perfect match here.  This in no way feels like a pasted on theme.  You truly feel like you are trying to evolve as you play the game.

There are some fun mechanics that involve revealing cards at eth right time, and sharing in the food, and eating others, haha!  All around, it makes for a fairly dramatic (in a good way) fun time at the game table.

Also it should be noted that this is certainly approachable to whole families.  The age limit is 10+, but I would put it closer to the 8+ range.  And no worries, the adults will like it just as much as the kids.
One final note: the game is beautiful and worth every penny in the art department.
In the end, Northstar has managed to somehow produce fantastic party games and now one heck of a great strategy game.  We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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