The Peanuts Movie is Perfect. Here's Our Review!

I was easily one of Snoopy’s biggest fans in the 80’s.  I had every Snoopy stuffed animal (Snoopy, Belle, Spike and Woodstock) they made.  I also had several of the outfits they sold for Snoopy to wear.  Yes, I was a fan, and now I am a 6’4” 230 lb 40 year old man that still has a soft spot for the beagle in my heart!  So, when I decided to try out the Peanuts Movie, I was a little leery they might mess up one of my favorite characters of all time.  I am happy to say they haven’t!

The plotline of the film here is basically following Charlie Brown as he adores a cute little red-head girl.  Hijinks and antics ensue as the gang helps or hinders Charlie in that process.  That is the plotline that the kids will enjoy.  However, that is not what the adults will enjoy.  Let’s face it.  In order for this movie to be a hit, the movie would have to play well to kids, but more importantly to parents who are coming in hoping for a Charlie Brown Christmas experience.  The good news is they get it in spades here.

Scene after scene will help parents recall the Peanuts of their youth.  There are mentions of Joe cool the red baron, Lucy pulling the football, Linus and his blanket, the great pumpkin etc. etc.  This is really a wonderful walk down memory lane for those of us who ever loved the gang!

In the end we have been given a gift for the fans of the Peanuts.  An actual modern update to an age old cast of characters we love.  Now if only we could get the kids to love it as much as the adults!