Color clash is frantic fun for up to 8 players!

I love party games that require you to think, yet still have a level of chaos involved. Color Clash seems to hit right in that perfect spot for a party game with a bit of thought involved.  A major bonus here, is that the entire family can genuinely enjoy it at the same time. We have 8 people in our family, and I tell you, it is rare that we can ever find a game that is approachable by all ages and yet found fun by all ages. Color Clash does it well!

The way Color Clash works is that you lay out these 36 chips with a chameleon and a word written on them. The word is always a color, and the word is painted a different color than it describes. Thus, the word yellow might be painted green or red. This can be a little confusing. But, the real fun begins when you add some pressure.  This pressure comes in the form of all of the players racing to identify certain chips before everyone else steals them first.  The way you take a chip, is that one person will call out 3 colors like “red,  green, red.” Then, all other players begin to frantically try to find a chip with those three attributes.  Because the colors are all jumbled, the other players must unjumble them in their mind before they can find the chip. 

I love that with this game, everyone is playing every turn.  This means there is NEVER a dull moment while playing.  I also love that the rules can be taught in about 10 seconds.  Man, is this the perfect game for someone who likes action now!  I happen to have a couple of those in our familyJ

The components in this game are made extremely well, just like every Blue Orange game I have ever played.  Love the art on the chips, and the thickness of the chips.  As an added bonus, there are several sets of rules for several different games using these chips.  Most importantly, there is actually 2 solitaire games in this game.  All in all this game is an incredible bang for your buck and with up to eight players I cannot recommend it enough for those big family gatherings!
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