One Nifty Star Wars Toy! Plus, it is a game as well!!!

This toy Rocks!

First off.  Let me say this.  I had no idea this was actually a real game.  I thought the toy itself was a very cool idea.  In my mind, it was like Star Wars Micro machines with a little extra flare.  Then I realized it is actually a game.  Very cool.  First, let’s talk about it as a toy.  These little Star Wars toys are pretty dang fun to play with without the game.  They look like a little cube until you tap them on top.  Once you do that, the box opens itself and becomes a scene from one of the movies.  Wow.  Inside the scene are little ships instantly recognizable to fans of the series.  I will tell you just popping open the little Star Wars world is immensely satisfying on its own.  I can’t think of a kid anywhere that wouldn’t think this is cool. 
Next, the toy is actually 2 games in one.  Kind of.  The first game is more like a beginner version for small children.  It will take about 2 seconds to learn how to play that version.  However, I would recommend that everyone just jump right to the advanced game as it is far superior to the basic game and can also be learned in about 2 minutes flat. 
The gist of the game is that you are trying to defeat your opponents cube by rolling dice and making decisions on the best way to attack and defend your little base.  Each cube is unique in that they all have their own “special” move that allows them to do something the other cubes can’t.  This alone adds the “gotta collect them all” vibe to the game.
All in all, I would say this is a gem of a toy and game for that star wars fan in your life.  Whether they be an adult or child.  Some have complained that the rules are not clear enough.  However, I stopped reading boring rulebooks a long time ago.  Isn’t it better to have someone just explain it to you quickly in a couple of minutes?  I watched a how to play video on Youtube, and I was up and playing seriously in a few minutes.  Simple. 
Don’t miss out on this game.  It is way more fun than I could have ever expected.  Another home run for Spin Master!
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