Even Steven’s Odd is some Crazy Frantic Family Friendly Fun!


Imagine if you were playing Yahtzee and spoons at the same time, plus you were drinking lots of caffeine at the same time.  That is Even Steven’s Odd in a nutshell.  It is soooooo much fun!  And, true to form the little dice man looks odd!  Love him!!

So the way the game works, is that a player draws a card which is shared with the other players.  This card tells everyone what goal they are going to try to accomplish for the next 10-15 seconds with their dice.  The players then all frantically begin rolling their own set of dice (color coded for keeping things straight thankfully).  Each time one of their dice meets the goal as stated on the card, they put that dice on their card to show they are part way done with the card.  This continues until someone completes the card. 

Because the collecting of dice to meet the goal is such a frantic process, just yelling done would not be dramatic enough.  Instead, whoever finishes first, must grab the little dice man.  No dice man, no win.  So, sometimes the struggle for the dice man can be half the fun when one or more players finish their dice card at the same time. 

This is one good time at the game table.  Your heart will be racing and laughter will be heard it is guaranteed.

All in all it is a great little game that is learned by everyone in about 5 seconds.  So easy.   I love that this game can be stretched to fit just about any time frame as well.  My next hope is to gather up more dice so more people can play with us at the same time! 

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