Happy Holidays! Is Brilliant Holiday Party Game Fun!


If you are ever in the market for a party game, rest assured North Star Games has you covered.  They are a regular hit factory when it comes to party games.  Our house (with 6 kids) just adores NorthStar Games.   Happy Holidays! Is yet another instant classic to add to the Northstar Cannon of impeccable party games.
The basics of this game work like this:  All people have a hand of 5 cards.  On these cards are big bright color photos of crazy Holiday gifts such as Super Bowl Tickets, or a life size robot.  Each round has a judge.  At the beginning of the round, all of the players submit either what they think the judge will deem to be the best gift or the worst gift.  The judge then collects the cards submitted by each player and shuffles them together.  Next, one by one, the judge reveals the cards to the other players.  After all of the cards have been revealed, the judge picks which present they think is the best holiday gift, and which present is the worst.  Whichever players submitted those two gifts then score a point for being chosen.  That is it.
As usual, the game is super simple to play, yet also tons of fun.  We have played this game several times with several audiences and have yet to have someone dislike the game.  And, oh man is it a conversation starter.  Just about every round will spark lively conversations about why someone thinks some random gift is the best or worst.  It is all just loads of fun.
What a perfect game for family gatherings at the holidays.  I can’t recommend this anymore.  It is just another slam dunk in the Northstar Games arsenal or wonderful games! 
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