Fun Speed Game for the Young and Old ... Real Old!

I feel the need, the need, for speed ... and antiques.  What?!!!  I love the combination of two completely different things.  This game from the gaming geniuses over at Looney Labs (the makes of the hit card game Fluxx) have come up with a perfectly devilish little card game in this retro Lunacy.
here is how it is played.  Each player has a hand of cards.  A player turns over the top card on the deck, and the game begins.  The best part here is that there are no turns in this game!  Everyone just plays and plays and plays beating out all of the other players. 

The way to beat out the other players is to have a picture on your card that matches one of the pictures on the top most card on the discard pile.  If it does, you play your card and call out what the picture was you matched.  If you can go five times in a row, go five times in a row.  If you can only go once, no worries.  Someone else will go in about half a second. 

That really is all there is to the game.  That being said, it is a fun crazy game.  When you play this one, expect lots of yelling and hearts beating! 

In terms of the components of the game.  I love them!  The retro theme is just spot on.  The colors are all muted and totally match the theme.  It is just great fun to see objects of old show up on each table and have little kids try to yell out what they are seeing without having a clue what it is.  So funny!

All in all, I loved this version of the lunacy series.  I hope to see other themed decks in the future!

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