Codenames is a Super Intense Fun Party Game!

Think you have a connection with someone?  Think that when someone says something, you both think the same thing?  This game will put that to the test.  and, it will do it with a great spy theme on top!  Welcome to Codenames!

Codenames is the party game sensation that virtually everyone is reviewing with high praise.  I am happy to report they are doing so with good reason.  This is one of the most fun brain burners you will ever play in a party setting.  Yes, that is right I called it a brain burner.  I said that, because you will be thinking long and hard to solve the mystery at hand.  And one mistake can lose the game for your team.  High pressure/  Yes.  High fun?  Absolutely. 

So the game is actually super simple.  You are trying to get your teammates to guess a word from a set of words set out before them.  You do this by giving them one word clues.  Simple enough.  the catch here is that if they guess wrong, they can give a point to the other team or worse still lose the game immediately.  Thus, this game has this almost giddy fun level of pressure not to mess up for your team.

All in all, I love the theme of the game.  You do feel like a spy under tense pressure, but man is it fun. 

It should be noted that this game scales well from about 4 - 14 players, but can still be enjoyed even with just 2 playing.  If you are in the market for the new wonder of the party gaming world.  Look no further than Codenames. An all around fantastic game!

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