The Queen's Necklace Is One Beautiful and Fun Game!

When I first started getting in to board games years ago, one of the very first games I owned was Queen’s Necklace.  And we loved it!  Imagine my surprise and joy to find out the game was being rereleased and with new staggeringly beautiful art.  I mean, just look at the box art alone.  Amazing right?  I love the title and cover art for this game for a couple of huge reasons.  Number one, it looks serious enough for guys to give it a go.  But, it also looks feminine enough that the hobby as a whole could possibly gain some more interest from the girl’s side of the table.  This is of special importance to me as I have 2 daughters and a wife! 

Now aside from all of that, the big question is, does The Queen’s Necklace stand the test of time?  The answer is a resounding yes!  I don’t care how much time goes by, when you have an ingenious game mechanic like the one found in this game, it will become a timeless classic.  It is not an exaggeration here to say that every time you give the Queen’s Necklace a run on your table, you will have people marveling at how clever the buying and selling of jewels is in this game. 

Probably my most favorite part of the game is the part where everyone sells the jewels they have been collecting, but in secret.  This is followed with the jewel that is sold the least of earns the most money.  How fun is that!  I just love that the theme totally fits how it would be in real life.  If a gem is rare, it is worth way more than if everyone has one.  That is the way it is in the game.  Because of this naturally accepted fact of supply and demand, people naturally just get the game.

I also really enjoyed the cards that gave the player special abilities.  This added a needed element of randomness and fun to the game. 

Queen’s Necklace is a game that is super easy to explain to people, yet has a higher level of strategy that must be thought through in order to do well in the game.  In many ways, it is the modern equivalent to chess in that it is really quite easy to learn, but difficult to master.  

In the end, this game is totally worth picking up.  I have missed Queen’s Necklace, and it has returned in such high fashion!

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