The World of Smog Game is Absolutely Stunning!

Steampunk seems to be a thing currently.  I am a bit of a fan as I grew up with a mom that owned an antique shop!  So, I was thrilled when  I found out there was a game out there that not only captured the look of that late 1800’s urban setting, but also nailed the gameplay to go along with it.  That game is The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service.

First off, I know.  The game is a mouthful to say.  Worse yet, it looks like the kind of game that you will be playing for hours on end in just one sitting.  Well, I have good news.  As heavy as this game literally and figuratively looks, it is anything but.  The game rules claim that it will take about an hour to play.  If that were true, it would be a pretty cool game.  However, this gem of a game usually comes in closer to the 30 minute mark for most games.  That, my friends, is phenomenal! 

The gist of the game is that you are collecting certain elements for the queen and hoping to do this and exit before everyone else accomplishes a similar task.  On each players turn, they have 9 options.  Yes, 9 options.  Again, I know  it sounds like it will take the player a crazy long time to decide between 9 options, but I assure you each option is way easy to remember, which makes decisions somehow quick.  The gameplay here is definitely a fast tactical kind of strategy game. 

Aside from the really fun and clever gameplay, this game has two major attributes going for it.  First, the game is one of the most stunning games around.  Seriously, if you put this game on a table, people will have no choice but to ask you about what you are playing.  The game board itself looks like the layout of the gears of a clock from the 1800’s.  The paintings of the characters are incredibly cool looking as well.  But the part that takes the cake in terms of beauty is the character pieces.  Oh my goodness.  They are some of the best sculptures ever seen by anyone in a board game.  Just unbelievable!  These little pieces alone are worth the price of admission!

The second part of the game that thrilled me was how well the board fit the theme.  In a game with a theme about heavy machinery, you might expect to see pictures of machinery and big pipes.  But, what I never expected was to see a board that actually functioned like heavy machinery.  The board actually moves as you play the game!  It is part of the games mechanics to turn the cogs on the board.  I tell you, is just unreal how cool it all works together to make you feel like a secret agent in victorian London.

In the end, this game is just wicked cool.  I would recommend it to anyone even thinking about buying a board game.  It is worth every penny, even if you just put it in a glass case on your coffee table for display, it would be worth it.  The fantastic gameplay to go along with it is just a wonderful unexpected bonus!
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