A Fun Family Boardgame all 6 of My Kids Liked!

I have some kids that live for intense strategy games.  They really like to dig in and have a total brain burner of a game that could last for days.  Then, I have the other kids.  These kids would often rather eat squash than sit still to play a board game.  Funny enough.  Wonky seems to fit the bill for both.

The reason Wonky is so successful at meeting the two groups of gamers in the middle is first, because it is actually fun.  Second, it is really fast to play.

This game is basically a manual dexterity game (like Jenga) with some strategy and luck thrown in with the card system. 

On your turn, you simply play a card which tells you what you can do.  The cards will say you have to play a certain color and size of block.  Now, if you have managed your hand of cards well, you are ready for all kinds of trouble coming your way.  The current tower look too awful to had anything to it?  Play a pass card.  Or, play a reverse and send it back to the person who left you with this mess. 

The round ends as soon as someone runs out of cards in their hand. 

Probably the best rule in the game is that if the tower is still standing 3 seconds after your turn has finished, it is the other persons fault it has fallen.  The penalty for any time the tower falls on your turn is to draw three more cards.

In short, my kids LOVED this game.  They had already played it several times by the time I got home from work, and could not hardly wait to show it to me. 

All in all, this is a really fun manual dexterity game that requires some planning and strategy and thus becomes likable to a wide range of gamers.  My crew certainly dug this keeper. 
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