This is a Cool Book of Crazy Maps for the Geek in You!

I have twin 15 year old boys currently in AP world geography in high school and they love it.  When I saw this book I was thrilled at finding the perfect gift for them.  The book duid not disappoint. 

This book basically makes crazy maps out of known information about the world.  For example the opening set of maps shows the world.  But instead of having the actual names of each state and country and ocean, it lables those places with what that place is known for.  This makes for some fun map reading for sure!  Other maps included in here are a map of the known internet world.  A map of

However, do be aware that there are a couple of more adult sexual themed maps that will not be appropriate for children. 

All in all, this was a fantastic book for people that are into learning about the world and how those pieces relate and compare to one another.  Some of the facts are just off the charts facinating.  I found myself unable to put down the book, opting to look at just one map before going to bed.  And then one more… and then one more.  That is my kind of book! 
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