Eight Minute Empire is Pure Board Gaming Genius!

Wow. What an absolutely brilliant name for a board game. Yes, I am sure there are some out there that will scoff at the idea of a quick board game. But, man did my family love this concept from the moment we heard about it.

 With six kids, we generally have a lot going on in our home. So much so, that it feels like there is rarely enough time to sit down to spend a couple of hours on a game. Instead, we are constantly find ourselves in positions where it is 15 minutes until we are about to do something and we all scramble to squeeze in a quick round of this or that.

Eight Minute Empire is so perfect for just such an occasion.

At its heart, Eight Minute Empire is a area control game in the vain of risk. However, because of its short nature, it removes all of the heat and anger from the game play. This is a major plus in my house where Risk has often ended in tears, lol. When you lose in Eight Minute Empire, you simply think, “Oh, I didn’t think of that. Next time I’ll do that differently.” That being said, there is a surprisingly high level of strategy to be had here. Each turn, you are faced with many decisions (usually 6) that all seem pretty close to on par with one another. Invariably, you will make some great and terrible decisions within the course of each tiny game.

Speaking of surprisingly high levels, the components of this game are all top notch. They are on par with what you would expect from a full $40 table top game. The box in particular just feels and looks high quality.

I have seen some people say that they have never had an actual 8 minute game play, but I would argue it is totally possible. Once people become familiar with the game and are on spot when it is their turn to play. The game can easily be completed in that time frame. The insane thing is that it feels like you just played a major board game when you are through!

My family absolutely loved this game. Even my 8 year old who is notoriously picky about playing anything that does not involve running and a ball, sat down and really enjoyed this one. All in all, I look forward to many more eight minute empires to come (especially with those awesome looking sequels and expansions already out there!).

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