Super Fun Super Silly Game That Will Give All Ages the Giggles

Wow. This is one silly and fun game! So here is how it works. (And it should be noted that this game can be learned in about 2 seconds flat. That is perfect for those impatient friends that just don’t like learning new games.) There is a deck of cards. On your turn, you draw a card and look at it. Your card will only say 1 of 2 things. It will either say “Meow” or “Not a Meow.” However, your job, as the drawer of the card is to convince everyone else it is a “meow” card no matter what. Their job is to try to tell if you are lying or not. If they call you on it and they are wrong, they are out of the game for the round. If they call you on it and they are right, you are out of the game. The only other option is to not challenge what you said. In which case, you both stay in. Insanely easy right?

With a game this simple, it could not be any fun right? Well, because the game is so bonkers, (we are saying “meow” here) it ends up being a weird kind of hilarity. You will be surprised by the people you thought would hate this game actually get the giggles when they try it.

For a game that is clearly marked as lasting only 1-5 minutes, this is a great little game. Yes, it is short, but I dare you to try to play just one game with any group of people. It is too crazy and fun to stop after just one go! Pick this one up for a tiny bit of zaniness in your life.

You can find Meow here to purchase!