Just Another Astoundinly Beautiful Boardgame from Cool Mini or Not!

Rum and Bones is another game brought to us from the same company that brought us World of Smog (my nominee for most beautiful game ever!).  You’ll probably remember that we went on and on about how incredible that game looks.  This one is no different.  I am starting to wonder if the name of the company (Cool Mini or Not) is a shot across the bow of other companies to either have cool mini’s or not to play.  Certainly this company is the one to beat in terms of minies (no idea how to spell that). 

The minies in this game come in the form of dread pirates.  They are also the heroes of the game.  Each mini is meticulously sculpted and is just wonderful.  The role of the hero is of course to beat the bad guys (or the good guys).  But what is a hero without their minions.  In this game the minions are called deck hands. 

The basics of gameplay here are actually quite simple.  You are on one boat commanding legions of minions to jump on the bad guys boat and take it over.  The minions are the pawns in this chess match here, and they will meet a slaughter along the way (No worries though, they always respawn back on your own ship again). 

Lucky for you, deckhands are not the only pirates at your command.  You also have your trusty heroes that can lay waste to your opponents. 

As is true with most heroes that have spent the majority of their life toiling away at killing others for loot, fame, and fortune, these heroes so too have specific skills in which they are quite adept.  These special skills allow them privileges in the game in order to sway the fight in their favor. 

The heroes’ powers are all specific enough that they feel completely unique to one another.  This is a very smart move on the part of Cool Mini or Not, as any fan of the game will be interested to acquire new heroes to unlock new powers in future game expansions. 

All in all, this game is pretty darn amazing and fun. 

At this point, I am unsure how Cool Mini or Not will be able to top themselves again in the quality of their product.  But more than pure beauty alone, Rum and Bones manages to feel like an actual pirate battle.  Most importantly, it actually feels like a really fun pirate battle.  It is certain, you will not only want to come back to it again and again, but it is also a pirate battle you will want to revisit with new powers to create entirely new scenarios. 

If I were a betting man, I would put money on this turning into a hit for Cool Mini or Not with many expansions to come in the future. The only other thing I can say, is that I can hardly wait to see what this amazing board game company does next!

You can find it here on Amazon!