One Truly Breathtaking Book of Star Wars Art!

For some strange reason, I have always been absolutely fascinated by the origins of things.  Whether it was the origin of the paperclip or how Russia got its name, I just had to know. 

Now, couple that with my complete adoration of Star Wars, and you have a book that was absolutely meant for my soul! 

Yes, I adore the Star Wars The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary from DK with my entire brain.  However, this book probably holds my entire heart.  It is the more expressive version of the two books I love. 

This beloved book has what seems like the entirety of the creation process as imagined by brilliant artists paid to design the instant classic.  their art work here takes us from original crazy sketch of an idea to fully realized, fully color photo realistic paintings.  The breadth of artwork here is just astounding.  What I wouldn't give to tour a museum like this with my kids every Saturday for the rest of my life!  Ha!  It is truly brilliant! 

And, don't let that last part I said about taking my kids on this tour with me pass you by.  Though I am in love with this book, I assure you the book has a polyamorous relationship with my family as every child in my family has an equal if not rivaled love for this volume. 

This book is truly a treasure for every Star Wars fan alive, and any fan would feel pure joy to have it.  What a keeper of a book!

You can find it here on Amazon!