The BEST Star Wars book line around!

Lets lay our cards on the table here.  I am a TOTAL Star Wars nerd.  Used to dress up as Han.  I now have all 6 of my kids loving Star Wars.  We are one big HUGE group of Star Wars fans.  So to say something is one of our all-time favorite Star Wars books is saying a lot. 

But, let me tell you.  Whenever there is a new Star Wars movie that comes out, there is only one must have book from the film for our family.  It is the Visual Dictionary Line from DK for us. 

If you have not been reading these, you are missing out.  These books, pretty much, in the nerdiest kind of awesome way analyze small and big props from these movies.  the best part is that the book always treats even the smallest detail as if it is a real object actually existing in the Star Wars canon. 

You think you enjoyed the Force Awakens?  you will enjoy it 10X's more after reading this book.  It tells you who the characters are, their back stories, why their ship is black, why they are wearing a necklace, what the necklace means and on and on. 

The level of detail here is just incredible and something that can not be missed if you are a true fan.  We can not say enough about this series of books. 

I just can't wait for the next ones to come out!  Sooooo good!

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