Recreate the Fun of a Fancy Escape The Room Experience with this Family Friendly Board Game!

Escape the room is first and foremost an experience. This is what you want in a board game. It is never fun to spend your hard earned money on a game that you play a couple of times, but no one even remembers having played it a month later. Escape the Room will not let you do that. There is just too much player investment here to easily forget the experience of playing the game. I do not want to put any spoilers in the review here, because that would ruin the fun for others. However, I will say if you have any fears about buying a game that can only be played once, you should not. (Besides there are some online rules form ThinkFun that will allow you to make this not a one-time experience.) That being said, I would say, even if it was a one-time experience, it would totally be worth the price of admission.

Having 6 kids means we would never be able to afford taking them all to a night at a fancy real life escape the room experience. In my opinion, this game as closely matches that as possible, all for a super inexpensive price. Your kids will love this!

One of the things I like the best about this game is that the game will have everyone participating and having their hands involved in the solving of this mystery. You simply will not be able to sit idly by and play on your phone, while others are getting in on the puzzle solving. As I said before, it is quite the experience.

All in all, I love this game and I can only hope more game companies will follow ThinkFun's lead in creating memorable board game experiences. Awesome!

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