Rox Rocks! It is one heck of a fun, crazy, and fast board game for the family!

Rox certainly is one fantastic little game. And I do mean little. The game is both very small (but it does spread around the table quite a bit :) and super fast to end. In short (pun intended) we loved this game in our house!

Remember now, we have 6 kids in our home in ages ranging from 7 up to 15. Some of them definitely have the patience to learn a new board game, and some of them would rather die. Lucky for us, there are games such as Rox that are approachable to all levels of board gamers. Rox has the extreme advantage of taking about 20 seconds to learn how to play. In fact, 20 seconds may be overselling it. I am telling you, this game is fast.

Basically, your job is to collect 6 stones one at a time. You know which stone to collect next based off of the one you are currently looking at. The catch is that all players are playing at the same time creating a frenzy for the cards in the middle of the table. It is like the mad rush that happens with the game of spoons, except it is happening during the entire game instead of just at the end.

My family loved the crazy nature of the game. There was lots of yelling and cheering and grabbing and all kinds of craziness the whole time we played. What a game! All in all, we were very happy with Haba's new little board game and would recommend it to anyone looking for some simple frantic fun in a beautiful little package.

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