Come on, Was Independence Day Resurgence Really a Terrible Sci-Fi Movie?

The Summer of 1996 was the summer I fell in love with Independence Day. Yes, that movie had some flaws, but by in large, it was a party on July 4th at the movies and especially for us sci-fi geeks. Audiences actually cheered in my theatre. I am happy to report, you will be having a similar experience this time around with resurgence.

Right from the get go, you will see old familiar faces in this new take on the 2 decade old (unbelieveable) story. The old gang is back together and it is oh so good to see them right back at it again. One of the things resurgence does again and again faithfully is treat the first movie with the respect and reverence fans of the original will love. There are so many call backs to the first film that are just fun to witness. If you loved the first movie like most of the world, you will have a blast just hearing all of the first film call backs.

Now, does this movie have flaws like the first film? You bet. In fact, some of it is just terrible. But, it is almost like they intentionally made flaws happen here so that it was similar in feel to the first film.  And, let me let you in on a little secret.  The first movie is not as amazing as you remember it.  Yes, it is still a blast to watch all these years later, but it is a very flawed movie when held up to today's standards.  The good news is that this film lines up to that old 90's standard in most every way.  Which, in turn makes this one pretty fun to watch. 

Also, if you are wondering about the action and effects, this is where the film really shines. Again and again your senses will be assaulted by amazing effects and destruction on a global scale. Truly, nothing blows up stuff with full city destruction like an Independence Day movie. The effects look amazing too. Many of the scenes you will wonder how they were able to pull off so well without actual city destruction. I am telling you, it is awesome.

In the end, Independence Day Resurgence is a masterpiece of the most fun kind. For years to come, you will be happy to throw this in the old dvd player for just a fun mindless night at the movies. So don’t get to worried about a perfect plot line, or amazing dramatic prose. Just take it easy and enjoy one of the best examples of a 90's brainless 4th of July sci-fi summer movie.