Lego Force Awakens is the Best Game for Sci-Fi Movie fans and families in years!

When I heard they were coming out with a Lego Star Wars Force Awakens game, I initially thought, “How will they ever have enough material to fill a whole Lego game?” Then I saw the excellent trailer for the game and I became immediately more interested. Well, I am happy to report the New Lego Star Wars game is well worth the price of admission. Somehow the game manages to bring a new freshness to both Lego and Star Wars games. So great for fans of the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time!

There are a few things that are just stellar about the new game. The first is the vehicle stages. They are so much fun and just feel fresh to the Lego franchise. These vehicle levels are so good I would say any fan of Star Wars would pay for a stand-alone game based solely on these experiences.

The next amazing new thing in this game is the shooting from cover aspect of this. It makes the fighting feel new and different as we have never had those moments where our Lego guy is popping up from cover to take aim at a bad guy and take them out. The fact that this is being done in a Lego Star Wars game just seals the deal!

The final amazing thing about this game is the puzzles. We are finally back to a Lego game that requires effort from both partners in order to solve the puzzles. Gone are the days of one player solving the puzzle while the other stands around bored and causing problems. Plus, the puzzles are just fun and cool because of their close ties to the Star Wars mythology.

All in all, fans of both Lego games and Star Wars games will be thrilled with the latest entry in the series. I can only hope we will continue to get this level of quality in a Lego game every time we have a new Star Wars movie over the next several years!