Holy Lots of Info Just came Out About The New Star Trek TV Show!

First and foremost, the biggest news is that this will not only be a CBS online only show but also a Netflix exclusive. I am thrilled about this, as I thought I would have to get another online streaming tv subscription.  Hooray for Netflix!  Next, the show will be coming out in January of 2017.  That is only 5 months away people!!  It seems quite unbelievable that at this point in history we will have two major Star Trek entries within months of each other.  Not to mention having so much sci-fi in general with the constant release of Star Wars and now even Guardians of the Galaxy into the mix!

Also, our next commander in the Star Trek World will not be a commander at all.  Instead they will be a Lieutenant General.  This may ruffle some feathers, however, if I would say there was any pattern in modern Star Trek is that they are definitely trying to change things up a bit between each generation. 

Also our Lieutenant General will be a woman!  How cool is that?  I have 2 daughters and a wife that will be thrilled with this news.  My daughters are not the biggest fans of sci-fi.  However, when you put a female in the lead, their ears perk up pretty quickly!  Not to mention the director of the show said the cast will be more diverse than ever with seven main crew members (as usual for Star Trek).   We also know that the seven will be a mix of regular average joe humans, aliens, and an LGBT crew member (perhaps following in the footsteps of the latest feature film entry.  Interesting. 

In addition to all of this, we also now know that the legendary sci-fi series will be rebooted 10 years before the original series in the Star Trek timeline.  There will be 12 total episodes, and they will both be episodic and have a single storyline that crosses all 12 episodes.  All in all, I would say that this new run that is following one of the most action packed sci-fi movies ever (Star Trek Beyond) is turning out to be quite the show.  We can only hope the best for the team!