The Ghostbusters PS4 and Xbox One Games are Not From One of The Great Sci-Fi Movies

Look closely at the cover of this game. Do you see the 4 ladies from the sci-fi film? Do you see the 4 men from the classic? Nope. You see neither! That is because this is an original Ghostbusterss story with a new crew of Ghostbusters. One skinny punky white girl, one skinny smart black girl, one huge white guy, and another average white guy. That being said, the animation here is pretty snazzy to behold. The cut scenes are decently animated, however the dialogue and characters themselves leave a little much to be desired. The animations in the game are a different story. They are quite cool and fun to see. The effects of using ghost grenades, and proton packs are great fun, and the effect of getting slimed never fails to look cool. Finally, the ghosts themselves are just a spectacle to behold.

The gameplay itself is similar to what we have seen before with a Ghostbuster's twist on it. Imagine Ghostbusters as a top down twin stick shooter and you have this game. For some that will be a turn off, for others, this is some retro action coolness.

One thing to watch out for, the game has no online multiplayer, and the AI stinks in your teammates. So, if you are wanting the best experience, make sure you are playing this on a console with extra controllers. All in all this could have been much worse.

As it stands, we have a fairly competent twin stick shooter set in a world we love with music we love and characters we don't recognize or care about. yet, it is still pretty fun. Does it deserve a full retail price point? No way. Should you pick it up used when the price drops? Absolutely. There is still fun to be had in this ghostly universe!