Seeing Ghostbusters 2016 in 3D Actually Makes it One of the Better Sci-Fi Movies of the Summer.

So everyone was worried about the Ghostbusters franchise. I for one was a little unsure after the first trailer seemed just “ok.” I wondered if this would be the end of one of my most beloved franchises of all time. Lucky for us all, the film is actually a really fun summer movie!!

First things first. If you have a chance to see Ghostbusters in 3D, you should drop what you are doing and see it that way now. I am telling you it is a completely different experience in 2D vs 3D. Where most 3D movies these days shy away from things popping out of the screen to flutter in front of the audience’s face, Ghostbusters relishes in it. There is shot after shot after shot of stuff leaping off the screen and into your lap. This is by far the best use of modern 3D we have seen easily trumping movies like the gold standard: Avatar! Why aren't more directors utilizing 3D that pops out at the screen at you. This 3D was amazing!!

Aside from the 3D, I am proud to say, this is one of the funnier sci-fi movies of the summer!  It is probably on the level of something like Beetle Juice, or Galaxy Quest. Not quite a masterpiece, but still just a lot of fun at the movies. The movie is at its best in the first hour while the team is still getting together. There are fun references to the earlier films and even cameos from the earlier cast. The second hour moves into a typical Hollywood sequel (bigger explosions, crazier action set pieces), but it is all still a good time.  I thought I would hate more action in a Ghostbusters movie, but I actually really enjoyed it!

All in all, this movie is a delight for comedy fans but probably not Ghostbuster fanboys. The latter will always find something to nit-pick. To me, this is similar to the Force Awakens for Star Wars. It will never be the original. And it will never be as good as the original. But that doesn’t mean it is not a delight to watch. I mean we are back in the Ghostbuster's universe at the big screen for pete's sake! It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but you have to admit, if you had never heard of the Ghostbusters before seeing this, you would have thought it was a pretty cool summer flick. Give it a chance, and you may just find yourself enjoying a fun night at one of the best 3D sci-fi movies in years!