Who Would Win If R2D2 and C3P0 Had a Knife Fight?

I was pretty surprised when I asked my 13 year old daughter and her best friend who would win a knife fight between two of the most beloved robots in sci-fi movie history.  Without even thinking for half of a second, they exclaimed R2D2 of course.  Without even thinking!  Their rational was that C3P0 would not even know how to fight with a knife.  I explained to them that 3P0 could speak over 6 million languages.  Certainly he knew how to both describe a knife fight, and the steps it would take to win the fight.  I also said that C3P0 could pick up a hammer and bash R2 on the little metal noggin.  It would be the shortest knife fight in the history of sci-fi movies.  This is when my 15 year old son jumped in and said that R2 would just shock 3P0 from afar, stun him, and then stab him.  Good call.  This made us then outlaw any form of fighting besides a knife. 

Under these new conditions of knife only, R2 can still use all of his compartments to surprise stab C3P0 or at the very least shoot a knife into 3PO’s exposed wires around his belly.  Plus 3P0 cannot even bend his arms very well.  Last but not least, I would say my 13 year old daughter and her friend were probably right as is evidenced in that R2 has proven himself quite handy in several fights while C3P0 has really only proven that he can whine and cry a lot during a fight.  Win goes to the short fat droid!