An Awesome Holiday Board Game for An Awesome Family Holiday Tradition!
It is funny.  Since the original Nightmare before Christmas came out, I have just adored the look of the film.  The visuals are just stunning.  I can honestly say, I have always had a thing for stop motion animation.  Just the idea that someone had to painstakingly capture each movement frame by frame is amazing.  Not to mention the design of the sets and characters on display in TNBC.  Thankfully, those sights are not lost in this game.  All of the magic and splendor and darkness from the film are represented here, and I love it!

Plus, what could be a more appropriate place for a creepy game of the classic board game Clue than a Tim Burton designed world.  If you’ll remember from the film, the Halloween world people actually revel in creepiness!  So, no better place for a who done it than TNBC!
Another thing I love about this version of Clue, is that I am always searching for themed activities around holidays.  It is one thing to play a regular game of monopoly on a holiday.  It is then next level thinking and event planning to play a creepy game like Clue on Halloween, but then it is right on the money homerun territory to play a creepy game that is set in Halloween town on Halloween.  It is perfect for the holiday!  Plus, did you know that when the film was originally released, it was hoped that it would be such a smash success that it would play from Halloween all the way through Christmas?  Well, I am happy to say that this version of Clue helps you to do just that.  As I make plans for Christmas activities I can do with my family throughout the season, you can bet that TNBC Clue is at the top of the list.

All in all, Clue is already a great game.  Every time I play it, I cannot believe how well the game holds up for adults and children.  But, when you add a great holiday theme on to a great game, we have a recipe for a new holiday tradition at our home.  The Nightmare Before Christmas Clue is a winner at our house!
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