Rent A Hero Will Have You Renting Fun for Your Next Gaming Session

Love the concept of this game.  You are involved in hiring a set of heroes to help your village.  It is your job to recruit the best and more importantly, to get the other towns to take the heroes you don’t want.  How fun of an idea is that? 
How does the game look?  Well, it is an Iello game.  So, that means only the best in terms of art and quality of pieces.  I have said it before and will continue to say it.  Iello should give its artists a raise!  I mean these Iello games have just the best art going.  I so much love all of their art in their games.  Rent a Hero is no different.  The cartoon/French artwork on display here is just priceless when it comes to convince others that they should try this fun little game.  Plus all of the cards are of high quality and seem like they will stand the test of time.

How is the gameplay?  Wonderful as usual.  This is a quick little strategy and bluffing game.  It is the perfect game to play as a filler for serious gamers, or a main event for those that are just barely getting into this whole table top gaming hobby.  The instructions can be learned in mere minutes and the game is over rather quickly as well.  This is the perfect game for people that have at least one ADD person in the group.  They will love the strategy and quick natured game play on display here.
All in all, I am so pleased that Iello is making games that continue to delight my family.  I have all types of gamers in my family, and yet they can all find something to love in an Iello game.  That is probably the best compliment I can give about a game! 
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