Kanagawa is elegantly simple family strategy board gaming at its finest!

Well, I have to say, Iello is quickly becoming one of my favorite game companies.  They just seem to have found the perfect way to make a game both approachable by newbies to the gaming world and to old seasoned professionals.  Or, another way to say this is that they consistently put out fantastic strategy games that all members of your family will enjoy. 

The first thing you will notice about Kanagawa is its beauty.  Iello Games continues to put out just the highest quality looking games out there.  I am telling you these games are beautiful.  Kanagawa is no exception to this.  The two parts of the game that will especially turn heads is the bamboo game board.  Yes, I said Bamboo.  And the paint pots with brushes sticking out of them.  Talk about unique bits that seal the deal. 

Aside from the pure beauty of this game, there is the theme that fits perfectly with the gameplay.  Basically, the theme here is that you are trying to create masterful works of art.  The further you play in the game the more beautiful your art becomes.  How cool is that? 

In addition to just how nice the game looks, the part of the game I enjoyed the most was the tough choices.  To me this is the hallmark of a great strategy game.  When I am so tempted to do everything available to me, that means we have a winner on our hands.  And Kanagawa does that in spades.  Every decision is a hard one, and yet completely satisfying at the same time.

All in all, I would tell you to buy this game just to see how beautifully games can be made.  But when you throw in really fun and simple to explain game play you have the winning recipe for a perfect family strategy game.  Way to go Iello Games!

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