Hogwarts Battle Is One of the Best Harry Potter Board Games Ever Made!


I have to admit, I was a little skeptical coming into this one.  When Harry Potter first came out, there were many different board games that came out as demand for anything Potter related soared.  Unfortunately, most of those games never lived up to the hype of the books and movies.  So again and again, I was burned on what I would hope would be a great representation of Harry Potter as told in board game form.  Then came Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle.  It is funny that after all the movies for Harry Potter have finally come to a close (and yes, I know Fantastic Beasts is out and I loved it, but we are talking Potter here:) that we finally get a game worthy of the franchise!

So, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is basically what they call a deck building game in the nerdy board game world.  This is an extremely popular type of game in the board game community, but somewhat of a turn-off to new comers to the hobby.  Why is it a turn off?  I suppose the newbie’s biggest fear is that this game will be way too complex, or worse still, way too boring.  And, just looking at the back of the box, might move you to think that way.  However, do not forget the other markings on the box which indicate that this game can be as short as 30 minutes.  To me, that is a true tip-off that we may not have an overly complex game.  And true to form, when you begin to play this game, you will be surprised at how easy it is to play.

So how does it play?  Well, the really short version is, you are a good guy trying to stop the bad guys from taking over famous locations from the books and movies.  You stop them by getting cards that allow you to fight better.  Once you get rid of all the bad guys you win!  Yes, that is an overly simplified version of how to play this game, but that is the core story and mechanics of the game.  Keep that in mind, and you will learn the rest quite easily. 
I was delighted by the many many references to the hairy potter world, whether it was the locations, the heroes, the villains, or even the spells.  It was just fun to see them all at play in the same game and having it all make sense in a fun way.  So, if you have a Harry Potter fan in your family (I have 7!), I promise, they will not be happier with any board game this year, than this one.  It truly is worthy of the Potter name!

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