The Target Exclusive Board Game Suspicion is like Clue on Crack!
For many people the gold standard in mystery deduction games is Clue.  I myself have been enamored of it lately as I had recently reviewed a Nightmare Before Christmas version of the game which was awesome!  But what do you do, if you are looking for something in the area of deductive reasoning but you don’t want clue?  Well, you could play werewolf which is basically a super active version of clue.  Or, you could go back in time and play Mystery of the Abbey, which is a fun but very complex version of Clue.  And now, there is Suspicion.  For me, this is the best alternative to Clue to date. 

Suspicion casts you in the role of an attendee at a party.  Except there is a catch.  You happen to also be one of ten thieves in attendance!  What are you all really doing there?  Trying to steal gems of course!  So, this is basically how you win the game.  The more gems you steal, the more points you score to win.  But, just like a good mystery, there is another huge twist in this game.  You also score points for finding out who the other thieves are. 

Now, you collect gems and find out who the other thieves are in a number of ways.  This is precisely why this is such a fun alternative to Clue.  Every turn you take has high stakes, and every choice you make is a tough one.  In my humble opinion, tough choices on your strategy for your next move is the hallmark of a great game.
Also, it should be noted that I love the artwork for this game.  It is in a kind of retro black and white cartoon art style.  I think this totally makes the game look unique in comparison to other games in the market.  I also thought he components of the game were all well-made and sturdy, which is important in my house of 6 kids! 

All in all, we have found a great alternative to Clue in our home.  Sometimes you just want a simple game of Clue (especially if it is a holiday themed one ;)  But other times, you are ready to take a step up and get a little more action and strategy and deceivery going.  In these moments, believe me, you will be happy to bring Suspicion to the board gaming table!

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