Lotus Is One of the Most Clever looking and Fun Board Games I Have Seen


I like science.  I especially like biology.  Flowers are part of the biology.  Thus, I find plants a fascinating part of science.  That being said, will other men want to play a game about making flowers?  I can say this.  After one play, they will LOVE it.  This game is another great game from Renegade studios.  For our family, it hits that completely perfect sweet spot of not being too long of a game, is also easy to understand, yet has a level of strategy to keep all age groups engaged.  Lotus does this well.

The point of the game is to score points, which is basically done by building flowers with petals.  In order to get points for the flower, you have to control the majority of the flower.  Yes, this is an area control kind of game, but it is done in such a unique way here that it is a thing of beauty to behold.  Seriously, having these beautiful flowers being created on the table in front of everyone is something I have never seen in a board game and it is awesome. 

Speaking of beauty, the art of this game is just phenomenal.  I dare you to find another board game with a cover that is prettier than this one.  That alone should be enough to get any skeptical gamer past the initial fear of playing a game about flowers.  But, again, if that is not enough, just show them the mechanic of creating a flower with the cards they have been given.  It is so clever!

All in all, Lotus is a game my daughters and wife will love right out of the box.  That is saying something.  In a board game culture that has so much to do with war, and knights, and dragons etc.  It is fantastic to see a game that caters to our more feminine side.  But in addition to that, creating a game that is at once clever and fun and strategic is a huge accomplishment.  Finally, you add artwork that will make people want to play the game with you from across the room, and you have a winner that all gamers will enjoy. 
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