The absolute best game ever for those with a 6 second attention span (my family).
So I sat my family of eight down last night to enjoy a little card game.  Two of us had played the game before and so thus, we thought we could handle the crowd that is our huge family.  This card game is a really fun game where the game basically changes the rules every time you play a card.  Unfortunately, it was like herding cats for 30 minutes.   It seemed no one had an attention span any longer than about 6 seconds.  There was moaning and groaning about who was taking too long, and what did this rule mean, and why didn’t you tell us that, and I did tell you that etc.  It was ugly.  Now, I tell you that to introduce you to the best antidote I have seen to this 6 seconds of concentration I have seen in a long time.  It is called Really Bad Art.  And it is a brilliant party game.

The best news in the world is that you can explain to someone how to play this in about 10 seconds.   Then, each round takes about 6 seconds.  Seriously, you will be playing this game in about 10 seconds.  It is not a hard game to understand.  You would think a game with such a simple process would not be very good, but on the contrary, it is one of the best party games you will play this year! 

Basically, everyone turns over a card and has 6 seconds to draw what is on the card.  This produces some “Really Bad Art.” But most importantly, it produces some really funny art.  The real fun then comes in phase two.  Now everyone has to vote on which card belongs to which drawings.  It is so much fun!
We have an artist in our family that everyone hates to play art games with.  They always think it is unfair to play with this person because they have such an advantage.  But have you ever seen an artist try to draw something in 6 seconds?  I assure you, there art is just as bad as everyone else’s. 

All and all, I am amazed that there exists in the world another brilliant concept for a party game.  Just when you thought they had run out of concepts, this one somehow just shines through with a ton of fun and simple rules.  Every gamer in your house will be able to play this game within a few seconds, and then they will love this game.  My guess is that we have a new standard for party games with this one.    
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