Secret Life of Walter Mitty Redbox Review

          I wanted to love this movie. The preview's music alone insured me that I would feel huge amounts of inspiration in this movie. However, I found the movie to be merely pretty ok. True, there were some really standout parts (the sidewalk surfing, the porpoise, the drunk pilot). But, to me something was a little lacking. Ben stiller had some funny moments as the straight man. I was also surprised by how much I liked Kristin Wig as the love interest.  I think my biggest problem with the movie was I wanted to be surprised and I wasn't. I wanted to be surprised by how funny it was, or how profound the deeper meaning was, or how touching the love story was. That is what the preview promised me! Instead, I was surprised a few times with some chuckles, the love story was average, and the message was the same one I heard in the preview: "life is better lived than imagined." All that said, I assure you this is not a bad movie, and is well worth the $1.20 you'll spend at redbox to watch it. Plus, it was even exciting enough for my 6 kids to make it all the way through without complaint. My 13 year old even "really liked it."  Not to mention, there were no "look the other way," or "cover your ears" parts for the kiddos.  That is pretty priceless in today's family movie world.  For that, I give it a solid B for a decent movie.